Four-Season Food Gardening

How to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs year-round

Misilla dela Llana
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Four-Season Food Gardening shows you how to grow edible plants year-round by using season extenders like cold frames and by planting the best perennial vegetables and fruits side by side with your tomatoes and peppers.

Four-Season Food Gardening hands you all the know-how you need to make growing food 365 days a year your new superpower! Unlike most other vegetable gardening books on the market, this one approaches the subject through the lens of what you can grow during each of the four seasons, even if you live in a cold climate. Using season-extension techniques, such as cold frames, mini hoop houses, and thick mulches, combined with a thoughtful mixture of annual and perennial crops, you'll discover that eating from your backyard through all 12 months is possible.

With a hearty dose of enthusiasm and expertise, author Misilla de la Llana of YouTube's Learn to Growchannel presents this season-by-season guide to growing edible plants, covering everything from what tasks and what crops are best for each harvesting season to step-by-step DIY projects for structures and methods to temper weather extremes. With Four-Season Food Gardening you can keep on growing, no matter what challenges Mother Nature presents. Inside, you'll find info on:

- Veggies you can harvest in the dead of winter
- Foods that come from perennial plants you harvest from for many years
- How to build and use cold frames and other season extenders to prolong your harvest
- Tips for incorporating layers of edible plants to maximize space
- Pruning, planting, and maintenance advice for dozens of crops
- Seasonal maintenance and harvesting know-how from a pro

Build a forest of food in your backyard and reap the delicious rewards for years to come!

Author bio:

Misilla dela Llana is the host of Learn to Grow on YouTube where she shares practical tips and useful gardening information. Born in the Philippines, the third of five children, her family immigrated to the United States when she was 10, eventually settling in the Pacific Northwest. She shares her passion for organic gardening as a tradition passed down by previous generations with her husband and their four children. For the last decade she has focused her efforts on sustainable living, homesteading, and education, sharing her experience and creating tutorials on social media platforms. In 2020, Learn To Grow was selected to represent Washington State for the United States of YouTube Impact. Her journey has led her to inspire others to learn to grow food.

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ISBN: 9780760372739
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Pub Date: February 2022
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