The Dead World Of Lanthorne Ghules

Gerald Killingworth
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What starts as a little sibling rivalry escalates into a life-or-death threat to a little sister. Can Edwin save his baby sister from the terrible dangers of the Dead World?

Edwin really doesn't want to be a big brother. Forced to move house, start a new school and make way for this unwelcome interloper in his parents' affections, he feels like everything is chaos. But things might not be as bad as he fears, as Edwin makes an unusual pen-pal, Lanthorne, who introduces him to a strange world filled with dark secrets and thrilling adventures.
This excitement seems safe until those secrets and adventures start to intrude on Edwin's life and, more worryingly, on the life of his baby sister. Can Edwin and Lanthorne work together to save Mandoline from the evil Aunt Necra? And can they figure out why Lanthorne's family is so divided, and what the terrible secret is that so many people seem to know all about but refuse to share with Edwin?

Author bio:

Gerald Killingworth read English at Cambridge and for much of his writing career he was an English teacher.He has produced fantasy novels for adults (Hy Brazil) and children (Lord of the Silver Hand) and continues to publish poetry. Living in Dorset, not far from Thomas Hardy's birthplace, Gerald enjoys and participates in English folk culture, singing and morris dancing. These have a habit of sneaking into his writing.

Category: Children’s & educational
ISBN: 9781782692362
Publisher: Faber Factory
Imprint: Pushkin Children's
Pub Date: December 2019
Page Extent: 288
Format: Paperback - B format
Age: 9 - 12
Subject: Children's, Teenage & educational