Splinters of Scarlet

Emily Bain Murphy
AUD $16.99
Marit doesn't like to use magic too often; it always comes with a heavy price. When her best friend Eve is adopted by a legendary former dancer and placed in an elite ballet program outside of Copenhagen, Marit draws upon her powers to secure a job with the wealthy family so that she can watch over her. But Marit has another, secret motivation: her father died while working for the dancer's family, and she has reason to believe he was murdered.

While Marit adapts to her glittering new life in Copenhagen, she starts to investigate her father's death in earnest. With every step she takes to get closer to the truth, she and everyone she loves is put in greater danger.

Soon Marit finds herself at the centre of a power struggle that goes all the way up to the king, and magic may be the only thing that can save her - if it doesn't kill her first.

Author bio:

Emily Bain Murphy grew up in Indiana, Hong Kong and Tokyo and has also called Massachusetts, Connecticut and California home. She loves books, macarons, Japanese karaoke and exploring new cities. Her debut novel The Disappearances is also published by Pushkin. She lives in the St. Louis area with her husband and two children.

Category: Children’s & educational
ISBN: 9781782692607
Publisher: Faber Factory
Imprint: Pushkin Children's
Pub Date: September 2020
Page Extent: 400
Format: Paperback - B format
Subject: Children's, Teenage & educational