London Explored

Secret, surprising and unusual places to discover in the Capital

Peter Dazeley, Mark Daly
AUD $59.99

Explore sixty of London's most surprising, secret and fascinating places.

London is packed with little-known treasures: remarkably preserved historical houses, fascinating museums and galleries, unusual commercial and industrial buildings and sumptuous interiors that are glimpsed only on special occasions. A follow-up to the hugely successful Unseen London and London Uncovered, London Explored is a unique London guidebook that opens the doors to more than sixty of the capitals most surprising and intriguing places. The locations include an upmarket gun shop, a working bronze foundry, a secret underground bunker, a lavish casino and a jewel-like chapel. Mark Daly's lively commentary accompanies the stunning photography of Peter Dazeley. Explore London with this special guide to the city's secret and surprising buildings.

Describing the history and the character of each place, the book uncovers a wealth of stories about an endlessly remarkable world city with its own unique character.

Praise for Peter Dazeley and Mark Daly's previous book Unseen London:

‘A thrilling tour behind the closed doors of the capital city's buildings.' - Daily Telegraph
‘Dazeley captures the atmosphere of each building to perfection.' - Daily Express
‘Fascinating' - Fabric magazine
‘A joy' - Evening Standard

Author bio:

Peter Dazeley FRPS, known as Dazeley, is a celebrated London photographer renowned for fine art and advertising photography. His work has won many awards from organisations across the world, including the Association of Photographers and the Royal Photographic Society in the UK, EPICA in France, Applied Arts Magazine in Canada, and Graphis Inc. in the USA. Dazeley is a member of the Association of Photographers and a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and is the photographer of Unseen London, London Uncovered, London Theatres (all Frances Lincoln). Mark Daly is a writer and publisher with a longstanding interest in secret and little-known aspects of London. He has also devised a number of walking tours of unseen London.

Category: The arts
ISBN: 9780711240353
Publisher: Quarto UK
Imprint: Frances Lincoln (Adult)
Pub Date: September 2021
Page Extent: 272
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: The arts