Get Messy Art

The No-Rules, No-Judgment, and No-Pressure Approach to Making Art

Caylee Grey
AUD $32.99

Forget perfection—grab your supplies and get messy with the easy techniques and projects for creating with watercolor, acrylic, markers, inks, and more in Get Messy Art. Play, experiment, and explore with zero judgment, zero pressure, and all the fun.

Getting messy is the best part of creating! Get Messy Art gives you the freedom, inspiration, and ideas to experiment and play with art techniques and projects to create perfectly imperfect art. We're always told that play and experimentation is the foundation of growing as an artist. But where do you start? Where to find new techniques to try? How do you bring them all together? Get Messy Art has all the guidance, instruction, and inspiration you need.

Based on the popular online class and community website Get Messy Art, this book brings together tons of creative art techniques and projects, including painting with watercolor and acrylic, mark making, drawing with markers and pen and ink, sketching faces, and much more. The fun doesn't stop there. You'll also learn how to make your own art journals and trendy junk journals-easy handmade books to work in that are personalized and one of a kind. In Get Messy Art you'll discover:

- A welcoming environment that encourages play and experimentation, to help you become the artist you always wanted to be.
- How to use no-rules, no-stress art techniques as a creative outlet to express feelings.
- Actionable inspiration that will keep you going, even when motivation is scarce.
- Fresh techniques that will show you innovative ways to use low-cost supplies such as paint and mediums, stencils, pens, and paper.
- Easy background techniques that will get you started and banish fear of the blank page.
- The satisfaction of making your own unique journals using simple methods.

Ultimately, art is all about creating for the sake of creating. It's powerful, it's cathartic, it's messy-and it's all yours. It's time to get messy!

Author bio:

Caylee Grey is a South African artist who created Get Messy Art in 2014. Her creative adventure began as a way for her to get messy, ditch perfectionism, stay accountable, and consistently create art. Other artists wanted the same in their creative practice and a business and a community were born. Behind Get Messys digital doors are thousands of creative sparks taught by more than 100 teachers, and a supportive group of fellow artists who love sharing their artwork. A self-taught artist, Caylee believes in making a whole bunch of really average art in order to get to the good stuff. She's honored to lead a community of incredible humans passionate about cultivating their art practice. Caylee lives in Germany. Get Messy Art website: Get Messy Art Instagram: @getmessyartjournal Caylee Grey Instagram: @cayleegrey

Category: The arts
ISBN: 9780760371169
Publisher: Quarto US
Imprint: Quarry Books
Pub Date: November 2021
Page Extent: 128
Format: Paperback
Subject: Watercolours