Expressive Little Faces (Drawing and Painting)

Step-by-Step Techniques for Creating People and Portraits with Personality

Amarilys Henderson
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From successful licensed artist and popular Skillshare instructor Amarylis Henderson, Drawing and Painting Expressive Little Faces shows readers at all skill levels how to draw and paint faces by confidently handling proportion and expression, developing a style that fits each likeness or character, and incorporating details that bring faces to life.

In Drawing and Painting Expressive Little Faces, artist and popular Skillshare instructor Amarilys Henderson shares her practical and creative techniques for drawing and painting faces with style and personality.

• Gathering supplies - consider the creative possibilities of watercolor, ink, and markers, and create a mobile sketch pack so you can capture faces and expressions on the go.
• Simplifying the face and identifying proportions - use photos to simplify the face's key elements, learn about facial proportions and factors and variables for placing facial features, and apply these concepts through a simple warm up using a single color to paint a face in multiple values.
• Facial shapes and features - learn about the five basic facial shapes and how to modify the chin line, ears, and hairline, and how to draw and paint mouths, eyes, and noses and make alterations to show pose and personality.
• Mixing color - the pigments and brushes you'll need to achieve a wide range of realistic skin tones, shadows, and expressions.
• Bringing faces to life - navigate the process from start to finish, learn to adjust line quality to suggest different genders and ethnicities, and change up artistic styling to put a unique spin on your creations.
• Project ideas - get inspired by some cool ways to apply your new skills: party invitations, repeat patterns, comic books, and more!

Don't be intimidated by the challenge of drawing and painting faces. Improve your face game with Drawing and Painting Expressive Little Faces!

Author bio:

Amarilys Henderson is a watercolor illustrator who specializes in surface design. She enjoys bringing the dynamic vibrancy of watercolor to everyday products, from paper to porcelain. Her experience in print design influences much of her work, which found its renaissance in new motherhood and refreshed faith. Amarilys is a Top Teacher on online teaching platform Skillshare, where she shares her creative techniques in bite-sized lessons. She currently has 84,000 students who have watched almost 2.5 million minutes of class time. Amarilys lives in Rochester, Minnesota. See more of her work on

Category: Art techniques
ISBN: 9781631598654
Publisher: Quarto US
Imprint: Quarry Books
Pub Date: April 2020
Page Extent: 144
Format: Paperback
Subject: Art techniques & principles