Kate McGhie

She could bake a cake long before she learned to ride a horse, snatch a chicken before she tasted pâté, shin up an apple tree before she'd even heard of Adam and Eve.

Kate McGhie is a qualified chef and one of Australia's most respected food writers and personalities. She is the author of Cook, a much lauded title that won the coveted Australian Food Media Club award for Best Australian Cook Book (2006). Her popular Herald Sun column, published for over thirty years, now reaches some 1.5 million people every week.

Growing up on a farm in Victoria's Western District, her culinary and personal inspiration has always been seasonal produce and the family and rural community of her childhood. Perched at the kitchen table, she absorbed the daily ritual and importance of food: watching her mother and grandmother cook and serve up meals (three a day, plus morning and afternoon teas) and preserve the garden's bounty with the innate wisdom and confidence of those who understand and respect the rhythms of nature.

Books by Kate McGhie

The Good Carbs Cookbook

Published: May 2017

100+ simple, delicious and satisfying recipes to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

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