Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans is a former chef and food critic turned Tasmanian smallholder. He fattens pigs, milks a cow, tends a garden and writes about food from his office overlooking the silver birches atop his cottage on Puggle Farm, in the gorgeous Huon Valley. Matthew is the author of ten books on food, including the authoritative Real Food Companion, his autobiography Never Order Chicken on a Monday followed by The Dirty Chef and the co-authored The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book. He writes regularly for Feast magazine, and spends much of his week setting up another 70-acre piece of land as a mixed farm under the name Fat Pig Farm.

Books by Matthew Evans


Published: July 2021

'A love letter to Mother Earth and entertaining must-read that goes to the heart of our survival' Charles Massy.

On Eating Meat

Published: July 2019

A scorching manifesto on the ethics of eating meat by the best placed person to write about it - farmer and chef Matthew Evans, aka The Gourmet Farmer.

The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book

Published: June 2018

The classic resource for making your own preserves, cheeses and smallgoods with SBS TV's Gourmet Farmer Matthew Evans and his friends

Summer on Fat Pig Farm

Published: August 2016

Gourmet farmer Matthew Evans showcases beautiful seasonal produce from Fat Pig Farm with a collection of fresh, simple and nourishing summer recipes.

Not Just Jam

Published: March 2016

Former chef and food critic Matthew Evans shows us how to preserve when the bounty is at its peak.

Winter on the Farm

Published: July 2011

Hearty recipes for the cooler months using beautiful fresh produce from the farm.

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