Dr Alan Barclay



Dr Alan Barclay is a consultant dietitian and chief scientific officer at the Glycemic Index Foundation. He was Head of Research at the Australian Diabetes Council (Diabetes NSW) from 1998-2014 and is a member of the editorial boards of Diabetes Australia's consumer magazine, Conquest, and health professional magazine, Diabetes Management Journal. He is coauthor of The Low GI Diet: Diabetes Handbook, The Low GI Diet: Managing Type 2 Diabetes, GI News blog and The Ultimate Guide to Sugars and Sweeteners. His has a PhD from the University of Sydney on carbohydrates and chronic disease risk.

Books by Dr Alan Barclay

The Good Carbs Cookbook

Published: May 2017

100+ simple, delicious and satisfying recipes to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Reversing Diabetes

Published: January 2016

Put your diabetes into remission with these groundbreaking lifestyle tips and recipes.

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