Submission guidelines

Murdoch Books publishes a wide range of food, gardening and lifestyle titles. Our mission is to excite, delight and inspire our readers with beautifully produced books that have an absolute commitment to integrity of content, innovation in design, and high production values. Through the Allen & Unwin Friday Pitch, Murdoch Books welcomes new ideas for our forthcoming publishing programme.

Allen & Unwin know how difficult it can be for writers to get their work in front of publishers, which is why we've created our innovative and pioneering submissions system - The Friday Pitch. The Friday Pitch allows for writers of all genres to have their work considered by one of our in-house Submission Editors. For all non-illustrated submissions, please visit

How to submit illustrated projects

1. In your email subject line, indicate the genre of your piece (i.e. illustrated), and a couple of words about the subject area.
2. Copy and paste the Title Information Sheet for your genre into the email body, and fill in the requested information.
3. Attach your illustrated book proposal as a PDF and a 300 word synopsis in a word document.
4. Send your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Title Information Sheet



Category (eg, Cooking, Craft, Gardening, Photography, Design):

What book would you see as a comparison title to yours?:

Tell us why you are the right person to write this book?:

Do you have an expertise in the area?:

List any previous publishing history and/or any awards you've received:

Please provide details of your public social media presence (eg, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.), if any?:



When you send us your submission, you'll receive an automatic email acknowledging receipt. No other acknowledgement will be sent to you.
Should Murdoch Books wish to pursue your project, we will be in contact with you via email within the fortnight. Please note that we do not send individual acceptance or rejection letters. If you do not hear from us, please assume that we do not wish to pursue your manuscript for our lists. No further correspondence will be entered into and we will not provide you with reasons for our decision.